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Step 1 : Register and log in to DECS Admissions portal at
Fill out the required information and upload a 2 x2 colored ID picture with white background in Damascus Educational Center of Scholars Admission Portal
Step 2 : Submit the Form including the following documents if available
√ Birth Certification (NSO/PSA)
√ Previous Report Card (If Available)
√ 2×2 Student Picture 
Step 3 : Click the ``Submit`` button after filling out the form to proceed.
Step 4 : Wait for the online assessment and interview schedule. The Registrar will email/private message or call you for further instruction
Step 5 : After the online assessment and interview, the student will be endorsed to Academic Coordinator.
For Filipino Student/Tutorial :
will be advised to check the Admission Portal account and/or registered emailed or phone number within five (5) working days after the endorsement for further instructions
For Foreign Student/Tutorial :
will be forwarded to the Registrar for important instructions and submissions of the following documentary requirements:
√ Damascus Registration Form (downloable or filleable in the Student Portal Admission)
√ Copy of Authenticate Transcript of Records from the Former School
√ Original Copy of Birthcertificate 
√ 2×2 Picture
After the student assessment by Online or through Face to Face program.
√ Php 2,000 (for Filipino student-tutorial applicant)
√ Php 3,000 (for Foreign student-tutorial applicant)
Payment Channel
List of accredited payment channels:
√ BPI (Private Account)
√ BDO (Private Account)
√ GCASH ACCOUNT (Private Account)
Details of Payment Account will be coordinate by the Accounting Staff
After completing the payment, upload the proof of payment/payment receipt immediately or within 72 hours in DECS Portal so that we can process the student school email address and slots confirmation/reservation in the admissions system. Failure to upload the proof of payment would defer slot confirmation
Monitor your account portal and or/registered email address within five (5) working days after uploading the proof of payment to confirm that the student has officially reserved . The admission status portal will then be updated to access your student LMS.
How do we apply for admission in DECS? What are the requirements for admission?
Please refer to the Online Admission Procedures
Forgot the Login Credentials of my Portal and LMS account, how can I retrieve it?
Send us an email or pm with the students complete name and grade level at
When is the start of the application / registration?
Please refer to the Admissions Calendar.
How much is the registration fee?
Please refer to the admission procedures.
What are the requirements for foreign student applicants?
Damascus Registration form
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades from previous academic year
Original Live of Birth
Do you offer Junior High School?
Damascus Educational Center of Scholars doesn’t offer Junior High School. We only cater Preschoolers and Elementary Level from Grade 1 to Grade 6
Do you accept transfer students ?
Damascus Educational Center of Scholars accept Transfer Student from preschool to Grade 1 to Grade 6 level.
Do you cater Online Learning or Blended Modality ?
Damascus Educational Center of Scholars accept Online, Blended and Face to Face Learning Modality
Until when can we pay the registration fee to reserve a program slot?
Confirmation or reservation of slots is on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline of confirmation will depend on slot availability. Promo and Discount will be available to the early birds student.
Does confirmation and reservation have an expiration?
The confirmed/reserved slot is valid until the end of enrollment period only. However, the confirmation fee is valid for one school year. The registration fee and upon enrollment fee is not transferable or refundable. not pursue his/her enrollment in the first semester, he/she will be allowed to enroll in the second semester of the same school year subject to slot availability and reevaluation.